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Sunflower District

County Project Leaders/Info

Level I Foods

Begins: Each year in November
Leader: Cris Wilson
Members interested in cooking and learning more about the food pyramid and healthy eating should join the Level I Foods and Nutrition project. We learn to read recipes, the correct way to measure ingredients to make a recipe, how to vary a recipe with substitute ingredients, how to set the table, start building our own recipe file, and the best part is that we cook and eat at every meeting! Meetings are scheduled to begin in November and will continue through May. Level I members are 7 to 9 years of age.
4-H Building

Level II Foods

Begins: Each year in October
Leaders: Barb Winston & Coleen Duell
Monthly - 1st Weds. 3:30 pm 4H Bldg

Exploring 4H

Leader: Cris Wilson
Exploring 4-H is a great way for beginners to find out about 4-H. We spend time at our project meetings learning things such as what the four H's stand for and learning about projects that we may be interested in. We have worked together to learn more about ourselves and developed our group skills as well. We learn the ins and outs of record books and how to become more involved in your club meetings and give a project talk. Parents can learn something too which helps the members succeed. Meetings are held monthly and parents are welcome to attend with the 4-H member
Monthly 2nd Tues 4:00-5:00pm Assembly Room


Begins: Each year in November
Leader: Cris Wilson
Going Places?
The 4-H Reading Project can take you anywhere you want to go! If you are interested in reading and learning more about the library, the reading project might just be for you! Meetings are held at the Goodland Public
Library and will begin on Thursday, November 5th at 4:00.
Monthly 1st Thurs. 4:00 Thursdays Goodland Public Library

Arts & Crafts

4-H Craft Project Meetings
schedule TBA

4-H Arts/drawing Project Meetings

schedule TBA


2013-2014 schedule TBA
Click here for area Horse Shows
Sherman County 4-H Horse Project

4-H Horse Show Rule Book
Sherman Horse Project By-laws
Ethical Compass Questions

Horse Rule Clarification


Project Leader:
schedule TBA
Introduction to Rocketry 4-H Building
Bring your rocket kit
Build day
Engine Selection
Build day
Launch preparation
Review day
Launch Day Fairgrounds
Launch Day Fairgrounds

Meetings are @ 4H Building
Launches are @Fairgrounds

Project Begins: schedule TBA
Project Leaders:

Dog Training

Project Leaders: Melvin Crow
schedule: Each Weds begins May 28
Members and their dogs will learn to work together using training techniques taught in class. Members also gain heath and care knowledge. Classes generally start in late May and continue weekly through fair every Weds mornings.

Goat Project

schedule TBA
Poultry Project
Project Leader: Colleen Gattshall
Colleen would enjoy having more project members so if you like poultry get signed up before May 1 and join her for project meetings.
schedule TBA



Shooting Sports

Leaders: Melvin Crow & J.L. Wilson