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Sunflower District

Sugarcane Aphid


Look back at 2016 and outlook for 2017 - January Newsletter Article

Sorghum Hybrids with Resistance to Sugarcane Aphids - K-State Agronomy eUpdate article


General Information and Scouting Guidelines:


 Sugarcane Aphid

Current Infestation Information in Kansas


Scouting Sugarcane Aphids

SCA Scout card

Infestation as of 9-11-17 

map 9-11


Infestation as of 9-1-17

 map 9-1

Infestation as of 8-24-17

                              8-24-17 map

End of Season 2016

Sugarcane aphid map 2016 


                                          As of August 14

 KS Sugarcane aphid map

US Sugarcane aphid map