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Sunflower District

4-H Cooking Projects

 Judges Guide for Food & Nutrition

Project Resource Materials

Food Safety of Frostings and Fillings  

Feb 2, 2021   Project Plan - Level I and II Foods



Chef hat

Level I Foods

Begins: Each year in November


Members interested in cooking and learning more about the food pyramid and healthy eating should join the Level I Foods and Nutrition project. We learn to read recipes, the correct way to measure ingredients to make a recipe, how to vary a recipe with substitute ingredients, how to set the table, start building our own recipe file, and the best part is that we cook and eat at every meeting! Meetings are scheduled to begin in November and will continue through May. Level I members are 7 to 9 years of age.    

Monthly Meetings  -  4-H Building



Chef hatLevel II Foods

Begins: Each year in November

Leaders: Colleen Duell

Monthly - 1st Weds.    3:30 pm       4H Bldg

A more advanced level of meals and cooking recipes.



2nd year - Junior Cooking Project Talk - Kitchen Utensils by Landyn