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Sunflower District


The Citizenship project is designed to help members find out more about themselves, family, friend, community and world. The project will lead to opportunities for meeting people and working with groups. Learn about other countries and cultures.

Leaders: Cheyenne
               Sherman - Travis Gattshall

Schedule:  Watch Calendar for Dates

Project Material Resources



Youth will learn to interpret verbal and nonverbal information, develop effective public speaking skills, enhance written and spoken communication, defend a point, design a presentation and much more!

Leaders:  Cheyenne

Project Material Resources


Self Determined Project

The self-determined project is just that - you decide what you do or study. Is there something you have a passion for that is not included in the 4-H project listing? Then, this is your opportunity to create your own project. research a sport, hobby or career - the sky is the limit!

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