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Sunflower District

Entries in County FAIRS 2023

4-H members will use 4-H online info to enroll in your county fair projects. 



4-H Entries deadline July 14

Open Class exhibitors sign up at show at fair

Cheyenne Fair Entry




4-H Entries deadline July 12, 2023

Open Class exhibitors for the Dog Show and the Horse Show will need to enroll online.

Open Class exhibitors may need to create a Fair Entry account first.  Instruction are at www.nwksfair.com

We encourage all exhibitors to do entries online. This will help streamline the show setup process.

NWKS Fair Entry

Enrollment help sheets are available on our website at www.nwksfair.com. Deadline for entering are as follows:

Please remember If an entry is made in the 4-H division, it cannot be entered in the Open Class division.


Wallace County Fair

4-H Entries deadline July 7

Open Class exhibitors contact Wallace County Extension Office   785-852-4285