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controlling large weeds in wheat

plant analysis



Wondering if your corn is going to make it to maturity before the first

killing frost? Check out these tables for your location and your corn

maturity to find out!


K-State Mesonet for calculating growing degree days for your area



Latest information on the affects of cold temperatures on wheat!

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Wondering about preventing Wheat Streak Mosaic?

Click on the picture for more information.

wheat streak mosaic


2017 Chemical Weed Control Guide

Click on the picture for a printable/downloadable copy.

2017 chem weed control guide 

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Also, click here for more Sugarcane Aphid information!

sugarcane aphid map


Tillage Intensity Study in Long-Term Wheat-Sorghum-Fallow Rotations

Does it pay to test your soil?
soil test chart



 large weeds in wheat preharvest