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Do you have mustard weeds in your wheat fields?

Check out these two articles from recent K-State Agronomy eUpdates:
Identifying the mustards in your field
Controlling these mustards before they bolt

Controlling our mustards in wheat (Jeanne's radio program)


Crop Pest Management School

Walk-ins are welcome!

Click on the flier for a printable version.

crop pest management school 2017

Want to know the temperature at 4" depth?

Click here to go to the K-State Mesonet to find out!


Click on the picture to read the article!

occassional tillage

Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services is here to assist you with your agricultural questions.

We have been providing Kansas producers with legal, financial and mediation services for over 25 years.

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What you need to know about kochia control!

Click the graph for more information!

kochia control graph 1

Fall freeze damage to summer grain crops

Click on the picture below to read the article.



Are you wondering how many pounds per acre convert to seeds per acre for drilling wheat?

Check out the quick reference charts, including interactive charts, for wheat seeding.


Need some more information about controlling bind weed this fall?

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Do you have questions about wheat coleoptile lengths?

Click here for more information!


Sugarcane Aphids 

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map 9-11

Timing the last irrigation for the season

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Are you seeing this in your fields?

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Do you know what the germination of your seed wheat is?

Click here for the form to send a sample in.

Here's more information on getting your seed wheat tested.


Tissue sampling your corn?

Guidelines for tissue testing and chart with 'normal' levels

Check out the video with information on sampling corn


Wheat plot results are in!

Click below for the results!

wheat plot results


Finding spotted leaves in your corn?

It might be holcus spot!

Check out this resource from University of Minnesota on Holcus Spot:



Wondering if your corn is going to make it to maturity before the first

killing frost? Check out these tables for your location and your corn

maturity to find out!


K-State Mesonet for calculating growing degree days for your area



Latest information on the affects of cold temperatures on wheat!

Click on the chart to read more!



2017 Chemical Weed Control Guide

Click on the picture for a printable/downloadable copy.

2017 chem weed control guide


Tillage Intensity Study in Long-Term Wheat-Sorghum-Fallow Rotations

Does it pay to test your soil?
soil test chart