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Latest information on the affects of cold temperatures on wheat!

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New Stripe Rust Updates! 

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 Byrd stripe rust



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developing wheat head

Wheat Streak Mosaic is starting to show up in fields this spring.

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wheat streak mosaic


Topdressing wheat? 

It's important to get the nitrogen into the root zone prior to wheat jointing.

Timing, rate, source, and application method are key elements of a topdressing program

Get complete details in the March newsletter or here


2017 Chemical Weed Control Guide

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2017 chem weed control guide


A look back at corn diseases in 2016.

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Also, click here for more Sugarcane Aphid information!

sugarcane aphid map



How does the upcoming cold temperatures affect your herbicide storage?

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Tillage Intensity Study in Long-Term Wheat-Sorghum-Fallow Rotations


Does it pay to test your soil?
soil test chart