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Sunflower District

4-H Youth Development

"To Make the Best Better"

"To Make the Best Better" is the 4-H motto

Regional 4-H Days will be in Brewster on March 31st.

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October 1st will begin enrollment for the 2016-2017 year

Enrollment will be online again.  Here are brochure to help you.

4H New Enrollment Brochure       Re-Enrollment Brochure   


Click your county below for events and information                         

Cheyenne 4-H page
Sherman 4-H Page
Wallace 4-H Page     

Area 4H Competition Shows

 4H New Enrollment Brochure       Re-Enrollment Brochure   

Online 4H Enrollment

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 4-H is a membership of youth in communities across the America who learn important values of life skills, leadership, and citizenship. 4-Her's continually strive to be their best and beyond, becoming the "Best" they can be. If you are interested in joining 4-H, contact one of our local extension offices. Check out "questions and answers". The new 4-H year will begin in October.

If you would like to be a 4-H Project Leader in your county, complete a VIP Leader Application, then contact your local extension office. If you are a returning project leader, click here for your renewal application and visit your extension office.

Be a local 4H Volunteer Leader! Forms/Application Page

State Events                                    


Feb 19-20

Citizenship in Action

Feb 24 -25

Kansas 4H Ambassador Training

March 11

Super 4-H Saturday Judging

March 25

NW Space Tech Day

April 1

Willy and the Bean Stalk Contest
 July 5-8  NW Adventure Trip



Dana Belshe
Goodland Office

Marty Fear
Sunflower District- St Francis Office

Melinda Daily
Sharon Springs Office