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Sunflower District


4-H Youth Development

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"To Make the Best Better" is the 4-H motto

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Cheyenne 4-H page
Sherman 4-H Page
Wallace 4-H Page     

Area 4H Competition Shows

October 1 is the beginning of year 4-H year. 
Enrollment is all online and due by Nov of each year

4H New Enrollment Brochure  
Re-Enrollment Brochure   

Online 4H Enrollment


Explore the Projects

 4-H is a membership of youth in communities across the America who learn important values of life skills, leadership, and citizenship. 4-Her's continually strive to be their best and beyond, becoming the "Best" they can be. If you are interested in joining 4-H, contact one of our local extension offices. Check out "questions and answers". The new 4-H year will begin in October.

4-H Volunteer Project Leader

If you would like to be a 4-H Volunteer Project Leader in your county, complete a VIP Leader Application, then contact your local extension office.

If you are a returning project leader, click here for your renewal application and visit your extension office.

Online Volunteer process


4-H & Youth Development Newsletters by Karen Nelson

May Newsletter

April 4-H Youth Development


April 26 Youth Quality Care Meeting-Sherman Co 4-H Building Registration

May 1 Youth Quality Care Meeting - Sharon Springs CAB  Registration

May 24 - Day Camp   Release Form

May 25 - Babysitting Clinic  - Release Form

May 30 - Bicycle Round Up   Release Form

 June 9th - Tractor Safety Training

June 14 - Fishing Clinic    Release Form

June 26, 27, 28 - Kids-a-Cookin Camp    Release Form


4-H State Events and Contests For local 4-H Events see your county

Kansas 4-H FCS Health Contest Challenge

New for 2018 KSF - Bread Sculptures

April 1 - 30 - 4-H Video Contest for Clubs

April 14 - 4-H Takes Flight - Scott City

May 29 - June1 4-H Discovery Days    Registration

June 18-22 Great NW County Camp

June 22 & 23 - "Fly with Us" 4-H  Insect  Spectacular

June 26-29 - Campference

4-H FFA Wheat Variety Plot Enrollment


Youth Quality Care



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Online Registration

April  16 St Francis

April 26 Goodland

May 01 Sharon Springs








Karen Nelson
4-H Youth Development Agent
Goodland Office

Toni Belshe
District Director
Livestock Extension Agent
St Francis Office

Melinda Daily
FACS Extension Agent
Sharon Springs Office