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Sunflower District

Redrilling Chart

Should you redrill or leave your wheat stand?

This is a quick guide for making that decision.

1. Determine the average number of plants/row foot at 5-10 spots in your field.

2. Determine your seeding rate, seeds per pound of seed, and row width. Average seeds per pound is 16,000 to 18,000.

3. Compare your information to charts on reverse side for guidelines on redrilling.

4. Redrill with a double disc opener, at a 45° angle from original stand. If a hoe drill is used, increase seeding rate because it will destroy much of the original stand.

 Redrilling seeding_germinated

Of your original planting rate:

If you have 50% or more = leave the stand

If you have 40% or less = redrill to thicken the stand

Redrilling percent stand

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