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"Welcome Karen Nelson

Karen joined the staff of K-State Research and Extension as the Sunflower District 4-H Youth Development Agent, on December 31, 2017. Sunflower District has offices in Goodland, Sharon Springs and St. Francis, her main office will be in Goodland.

She earned a bachelor's degree in Recreation Education from the University of Iowa and a master's degree in Park and Recreation Resource Management from Michigan State University.

Karen has most recently been a 4-H Youth Development Educator with the University of Wisconsin and was previously an Extension Agent with Montana State University.

4-H Youth Development agents, develop and deliver programs aimed at helping youth develop life skills, including a positive self-concept, an inquiring mind, a concern for the community, healthy interpersonal relationships and sound decision making.

Public Events/KSRE

Feb 6 - Swine Profitability Conference

Feb. 7 – Farm Financial Workshop – Colby - Info

Feb 12-13 - Herd Health Conversation

Feb 14-16 Women on the Farm Conference - Manhattan

Feb 20-21 - Central Plains Irrigation Conference

Feb 27 - Be Ag-Wise Workshops - Colby

March 17 -Kansas Jr Sheep Producer

March 24 - Kansas Jr Beef Producer

2018 Fair Information

Cheyenne County Fair  Aug 1-4  

Goodland Nw Kansas Fair July 28 - Aug 4      

Wallace County Fair July 26 - 28

Kansas State Fair Sept 7-16

New 2018- Bread Sculpture Contest at State Fair