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Sunflower District

Dry Beans

Dry Bean Production Guide
Order the guide from Colorado State University for $19.50: http://csuextstore.com/dry-bean-production-&-pest-management

Direct Harvesting of Dry Beans – University of Nebraska
Complete Publication: http://extensionpublications.unl.edu/assets/pdf/ec309.pdf
Excerpt in CropWatch Newsletter: http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/direct-harvest-dry-edible-beans

Fertilizer Management for Dry Beans

Water Use of Dry Beans


Extension Publications about Dry Bean Diseases (by order of importance of diseases for northwest Kansas)

White Mold of Dry Beans, G1786

White mold symptoms, infection, and control in dry beans for western Nebraska and Colorado are covered in this publication.


Rust of Dry Bean, G1766

Rust is a disease that affects dry beans and can dramatically reduce yields. Integrating cultural, host resistance, and chemical management practices can help protect crops.


Common Bacterial Blight of Dry Beans in Nebraska, G1956

This NebGuide covers common bacterial blight of dry beans and its management.


Halo Blight of Dry Beans in Nebraska, G1958

Halo blight, a major problem for dry beans, and its management are discussed in this NebGuide.


Bacterial Brown Spot of Dry Beans in Nebraska, G1957

Bacterial brown spot and its management are covered in this NebGuide.


Bacterial Wilt of Dry Beans in Western Nebraska , G1562

Bacterial wilt of dry bean has reappeared in Nebraska dry bean fields after almost a 30-year absence. This NebGuide addresses symptoms and identification, life cycle and management of bacterial wilt in dry bean.