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** The menu on the left lists the wheat information available on the Sunflower District Agronomy Site. If you click on 'Wheat Drilling' there will be additional information, including news articles, radio programs, seeding charts and redrilling guidelines


A great tool when trying to estimate wheat yield:
Estimating Wheat Yield


A great resource for growth staging wheat with pictures
Growth Stages of Wheat


Helpful equations to estimate wheat yield in Western Kansas:
Yield estimated before heading (bu) =((stems per foot x 0.531 + 8.5)x 0.531 / row spacing (inches)) x 19.213

Yield estimated after heading (bu) = (heads per foot x 0.513) / row spacing (inches)) x 19.213

Adjustments to yield:
Replace the coefficient 0.513 with 0.409 for a poor year or 0.618 for a good year.