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Sunflower District

Cheyenne County
212 E Washington
PO Box 667
St. Francis, KS  67756-0667
785-332-3199 Fax
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Sherman County
813 Broadway Room 301
Goodland, KS 67735-0002
785-890-4879 Fax
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Wallace County
118 N Gardner   
PO Box 189
Sharon Springs, KS 67758
785-852-4284 Fax
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Calendar Managers

Ruleton Eager Beavers 4-H Meeting Information

Date:  2nd Sunday of each month

Time:  3:00 pm

Location:  Sherman 4-H Building

Dates and Times will change for Christmas and Club Tour


Club Leaders/ Officers -

Leaders:  Heather Evert & Cathy Eftink
Co-Leaders:  Travis & Coleen Gattshall

President – Katelyn Hill
Vice President – Elly Evert
Secretary -Liz Hill
Treasurer – Quade Gattshall
Reporter – Liz Hill
Historian – Oliver Eftink
Song Leader –Sophie Eftink, Cadence Gattshall, Krista Evert & Sophie Evert
Recreation Leader – Oliver Eftink, Krista Evert,Xander Gattshall & Conner Eftink
Parliamentarian – Halle Bhend, Krista Evert & Cadence Gattshall
4-H Council Reps – Elly Evert & Linnea Gattshall, Quade Gattshall (Alt)
Promotion Committee: Colleen & Linnea Gattshall, Heather & Elly Evert

Club Information:

Most Popular projects taken:  We pride ourselves on the deversity of our member's projects

Fundraisers: Kiwanis Flags

Community Service Project: Kiwanis Flags distribution, Wheat Tour, Genesis Food Drive, Comfort boxes for VA Hospital

Events/Activities: Wheat State Tour Dinner
                               Club Tour
                               Club Christmas party