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Sunflower District

County & Regional Club Days

What is County Club Days?

Each of our counties each have a 4-H Club Day.  This is an event which gives participants an opportunity to tell others about their 4-H projects and demonstrate their talents and abilities.

Presentations such as talks, demonstrations, speeches, skits, music and dance are judged and awarded ribbons. Check the website calendars for the dates in your county.  Pre-Registration for 4-H'er participation is required, please check calendar for due dates of each county.

The public is invited to come, watch and learn more about our 4-H/Youth Development Program


March 9 - Sherman County Club Days &  Creative Food Tables Show

March 12 - Wallace County Club Days

March 29 - Cheyenne County Club Days

April 6 - Regional 4-H Club Day -  Brewster High School 5pm CT

Regional 4-H Days Information

Regional 4-H Club Day will be held on Friday, April 6th at 5 p.m. CST at the Brewster High School in Brewster, Kansas. Only group events will be scheduled. Individuals will sign up on sheets at the door of their event.  Sign-up times will go from 5-8:30 pm.  Participants must be signed up by 7:30pm. Participants must receive a “regional blue” or “top blue” at their County Club Day to be eligible to participate at Regional Club Day.

This year we will again request that you email us the list of your participants instead of having a scheduling meeting. I will send out a spreadsheet for you to fill out with 4-H’er information. For group events, please give us a name for the group and if they have a requested time with second and third choice times.  An example might be: First choice around 6pm, second choice as soon after that as possible and no earlier than 5:45.

Brewster High School Map        Regional Club Day Guidelines


Resources for County Club Day



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