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Freeze Damage to Wheat


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Cold Temperature Reports


Check out the complete 'Wheat Freeze Damage' publication (PDF)


Freeze Injury Chart

Temperatures that can cause freeze injury to wheat at spring growth stages.

Growth StageApproximate Primary SymptomsYield Effect
 Injurious Temp
(two hours)
Tillering12 FLeaf Chlorosis; Burning of leaf tips; Silage Odor; Blue cast to fieldsSlight to Moderate
Jointing24 FDeath of growing point; Leaf yellowing or burning; Lesions, splitting, or bending of lower stem; OdorModerate to Severe
Boot28 FFloret sterility; Spike trapped in boot; Damage to lower stem; Leaf discoloration; OdorModerate to Severe
Heading30 FFloret sterility; while awns or while spikes; Damage to lower stem; Leaf discolorationSevere
Flowering30 FFloret sterility; while awns or while spikes; Damage to lower stem; Leaf discolorationSevere
Milk28 FWhite awns or white spikes; Damage to lower stems; Leaf discoloration; Shrunken, roughened, or discolored kernelsModerate to Severe
Dough28 FShriveled, discolored kernels; Poor germinationSlight to Moderate


Watch the video! (4-15-13)

This shows the cosmetic damage to wheat after 24 hours of below 20 degree temperatures.

PreJointing wheat 3-17-16  prejointing wheat 3-17-16a

This is wheat on March 17, 2016. The wheat is not yet jointed because the growing point is still
below the soil surface. The soil is helping protect it from cold air temperatures. The official stage of
this wheat is Feekes 5, the leaf sheaths are strongly erect.