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Sunflower District

Cheyenne County
212 E Washington
PO Box 667
St. Francis, KS  67756-0667
785-332-3199 Fax
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Sherman County
813 Broadway Room 301
Goodland, KS 67735-0002
785-890-4879 Fax
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Wallace County
118 N Gardner   
PO Box 189
Sharon Springs, KS 67758
785-852-4284 Fax
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Calendar Managers

Record Forms


In October each year or for all New Members: Counties require these to be turned in by Nov.1
Two forms are needed the beginning of each 4H year.

All members will enroll online, here is the link: 4H Enrollment 
If you attend any 4-H events you will need to complete 4-H participation Form


Record Books Keeping Kansas 4-H Project Record Report Forms

Guide to Kansas 4-H Project Recognition

How to update your Adobe reader for fillable forms below

The new Permanent Record will be required for 2020-21 record books

The process will no longer be called KAP but Kansas 4-H Project Report Forms

Project Recognition Check Sheet

Personal Information Page

Permanent Record

Project Report Form Evaluation Rubric


Project Record Report Forms

*All animal project members will use the Animal Project Report Form to summarize your project experience.


VERY IMPORTANT: Before you begin to keep project record reports for the year, please make sure you have a current version of Adobe Reader DC.  If you do not, you may download a free version, here:https://get.adobe.com/reader/.  When you click on that link, the following screen will appear.  "Uncheck" the 3 boxes in the middle column and click on the link circled in green to begin your download.  Follow the prompts to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. 


 Junior General Project Report Form (ages 7 – 9)

*Junior Animal Project Report Form (ages 7 – 9)

Intermediate General Project Report Form (ages 10 – 13)

*Intermediate Animal Project Report Form (ages 10 – 13)

Senior General Project Report Form (ages 14 – 18)

*Senior Animal Project Report Form (ages 14 – 18)



  Membership Pin Awards

Sherman County does not require permanent record pages on membership pins. Only current year records required.


Scholarships Applications


Project/Club Leaders/Volunteers Forms

Volunteer resources:

Project Leaders resources:

State Volunteer Training Events

Judging Score Sheets

Club Officer and Leaders Resources