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Sunflower District

Cheyenne County
212 E Washington
PO Box 667
St. Francis, KS  67756-0667
785-332-3199 Fax
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Sherman County
813 Broadway Room 301
Goodland, KS 67735-0002
785-890-4879 Fax
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Wallace County
118 N Gardner   
PO Box 189
Sharon Springs, KS 67758
785-852-4284 Fax
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Calendar Managers

Record Forms


In October each year or for all New Members: Counties require these to be turned in by Nov.1
Two forms are needed the beginning of each 4H year.

All members will enroll online, here is the link: 4H Enrollment 
If you attend any 4-H events you will need to complete 4-H participation Form


Record Books Keeping Kansas 4-H Project Record Report Forms

ZSuitesClick photo or Log in here for ONLINE:  ZBooks

How to update your Adobe reader for fillable forms below

The Permanent Record is required for Project Record Forms judging at the local level.

(Please do not complete a new one each year, simply keep adding to the same form.)


Two ways:  ZSuite is online or forms below.

Click here for More Information             

Kansas 4-H Project Record Guide


How to use the 4-H emblem


  Membership Pin Awards

Sherman County does not require permanent record pages on membership pins. Only current year records required.


Scholarships Applications


Project/Club Leaders/Volunteers Forms

Volunteer resources:

2021 Fall Volunteer Training Event Series

Project Leaders resources:

Judging Score Sheets

Club Officer and Leaders Resources

Volunteer Resources

Renewal Application for Volunteer/Project Leaders