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Sunflower District

Cheyenne County
212 E Washington
PO Box 667
St. Francis, KS  67756-0667
785-332-3199 Fax
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Sherman County
813 Broadway Room 301
Goodland, KS 67735-0002
785-890-4879 Fax
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Wallace County
118 N Gardner   
PO Box 189
Sharon Springs, KS 67758
785-852-4284 Fax
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K-State Crop Pest Management School
December 1 in Grainfield
Cost is $50 if registered by Nov 22.  After that the cost is $75.
Check the windchill for your area at Kansas mesonet
Large numbers of fall armyworm moths (Miller moths) may mean problems for wheat and alfalfa this spring
Recent K-State Agronomy eUpdate article
Detailed information on fall armyworm
Discolored Horizontal Banding on Newly Emerged Wheat
Discolored Bands on Newly Emerged Wheat
Check out our local weather data from Kansas Mesonet stations in Cheyenne, Sherman and Wallace Counties
Find the cold temperatures and how long it stayed below 32 degrees on the Kansas Mesonet Freeze Monitor 
Drilling Wheat
Seeding Rate Worksheet with Tool to Convert Seeds per Acre to Pounds per Acre
Seeding Rate Research for Northwest Kansas
Starter Fertilizer
Saved Wheat Seed - and the Regulations


Making Decisions on Drought Stressed Crops


Biomass Production and Nutrient Update of Drought-Damaged Corn

(from K-State Agronomy eUpdate)

Article with Summary of 2022 Sampling of Dryland Corn

(from K-State Agronomy eUpdate)

K-State Nitrate Poisoning publication

Custom Rates for Haying and Sileage

Sileage: page 11

Haying: pages 12-14


Timing of Last Irrigation

Recent K-State Agronomy eUpdate article by Lucas Haag

Water Use of Crops


Wheat Plot Results


Germination Testing

At-Home Germination Test Guidelines

Send in to Kansas Crop Improvement

Samples to Extension Office by August 11

Test form to include with sample


Harvesting Short and Thin Wheat
from K-State Agronomy eUpdate
Weed Control Ahead of Wheat Harvest
from K-State Agronomy eUpdate
Chart with PreHarvest Wheat Weed Control Herbicides


K-State Chemical Weed Control Guide
Information on controlling bindweed is in the noxious weed section on page 142


Dryland Crop Rotations at Tribune (Wheat and Sorghum in 4-Year Rotations)
Link to all dryland research results at Tribune
Research report for 4 year rotations
Pictures of wheat showing 1st year wheat vs 2nd year wheat in rotations - Taken May 13, 2022
Has It Been Windier Than Normal?
K-State Agronomy eUpdate Article


Estimating Wheat Yields
K-State publication
Paraquat Training
Frequently Asked Questions (K-State)
Frequently Asked Questions (EPA)
Link to Training
scroll to middle of page for training in English or Espanol
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K-State CropTalk Webinar Series
January 31 - March 7
Mondays from 12:00 -1:00 pm CT
Sunflower Production Webinar
March 17
3:00-4:15 pm CT
Register Here
printable flier
A joint effort of Colorado State University, Kansas State University and the National Sunflower Association - High Plains Committee
Tools for making Farm Program Selection
Overall AgManager Website for Farm Program Info
Fact Sheet on PLC vs ARC-Co
Spreadsheet Decision Tool
Projections and Sources for MYA prices
Survey responses are needed for the K-State Custom Rates Survey
Complete the survey: http://www.tinyurl.com/kscustom2022
This should take about 15 minutes to complete and your responses will be combined with others to be used in next year's publication like this one:
Kansas Custom Rates 2020
K-State Limited Irrigation Study at Tribune
from 2012 to current
Wheat Drilling Information
Coleoptile Lengths
Amount of N+K20 fertilizer with seed
Table for Seeds per Acre vs Pounds per Acre
Wheat Test Plot Results for Northwest Kansas
Demonstration Plots in Cheyenne, Sherman and Wallace Counties
K-State Performance Tests
Colorado State Performance Test Results
Germination Testing for Wheat
Have your sample checked at Kansas Crop Improvement or check it at home
Bring your two pound wheat samples (with form and check) to the Extension office by noon on Friday, August 6 or Tuesday, August 17
Cost: $19 for germination testing and $4 for seed count (seeds/lb)
Guidelines for at-home testing
KCIA form
What affect does weeds after wheat harvest have on following crops?
K-State Research Report from Tribune
How does changing header height affect next year's corn/sorghum yields?
Research report from Tribune Station looking at yields from 2007-2019
Other Research Reports from Tribune
Wheat Disease Identification Booklet
Fusarium Head Blight (Head Scab)
Fusarium Head Blight fact sheet
Seed Treatment Fungicides for Wheat Disease Management
Video from Jeanne on Fusarium Head Blight (Head Scab)
Wheat Stripe Rust
K-State Stripe Rust Publication
Wheat Variety Disease Ratings
(go to page 17-18 for summary chart)
Wheat Fungicide Efficacy Chart
Current Stripe Rust Map
Wheat Streak Mosaic
K-State Wheat Streak Mosaic Publication
Presentations from Winter Meetings/Webinars

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Calibrating Boom Sprayers publication

a step-by-step guide for calibrating your sprayer

Boom Sprayer Calibration Steps Worksheet


Forage Yields As Effected by Available Soil Water at Planting and In-Season Precipitation

Download the research report


Kochia Control with Fall Herbicide Applications

Kochia Control in Different Crops

Research from Curtis Thompson in the Cover Your Acres proceedings (page 22)


Abnormal Corn Ears Resources

K-State's Abnormal Corn Ears

Ohio State's Abnormal Corn Ears Poster

Purdue's Arrested Corn Ears Publication


Wheat Seeding Rates

Wheat Seeding Rates - pounds per acre to seeds per acre 
Optimum Seeding Rates
Newsletter Article about Research on Wheat Seeding Rates
Radio Program on increasing seeding rates in October


Selecting Your Next Wheat Variety

Wheat Test Plot Results (local demo plots and performance tests)

K-State Wheat Disease and Insect Ratings publication

Compare results on two varieties from multiple years of performance tests in the area using Colorado Wheat Variety Database (RamWheatDB)



Germination Testing for Your Saved Wheat Seed

At-Home Guidelines

Form for Testing at Kansas Crop Improvement

$19 for Germination

$4 for Seed Count

$16 for Accelerated Aging (Vigor Test)


It is nearly time to scout for Western Bean Cutworm in corn

Comprehensive resources from UNL

Latest update from UNL Cropwatch newsletter including scouting and treatment recommendations

Jeanne's radio program



Does your wheat stubble height have an affect on next year's corn and sorghum yields?

Click here to read the study!


K-State Army Cutworm publication

Additional information in Wheat Insects


 Virtual Wheat Field Day

Listen to the virtual wheat field day here!


Directions to the plots:

Cheyenne County: From Wheeler, go 4 miles south on Highway 27 to Road J.

Plot is ¼ mile west

Cooperators: Sunny Crest Farms


Sherman County: From Goodland, go 10 miles north on Highway 27 to

Road 73. Plot is located north of the tree line.

Cooperators: F & J Farms


Wallace County: From Sharon Springs, go 9 miles south on Highway 27 to

Field Road. Go east 3 ½ miles. Plot is just west of farmstead

on south side of road.

Cooperators: Mai Farms


Wallace County: From Weskan, go 3 miles west on Highway 40 to Road 3.

Go south 5 mi to Gooseberry Rd. Continue south 2/3 mi and

plot is located on west side

Cooperators: E & H Farms



Freeze Injury Resources

K-State Spring Freeze Injury in Wheat publication

Video on what Jeanne looks for on freeze injury (YouTube)

K-State Agronomy eUpdate Articles on Freeze Injury

Preliminary Assessment of Freeze Injury from Across the State

Options and Crop Insurance

Herbicide Recropping Restrictions


Estimating Wheat Yields


Series of Ag Economics webinars on the Economics of Agriculture During the COVID-19

Watch Past Webinars:

Further Updates on the Macroeconomy

Grain Markets, Planting Intentions and Crop Cost of Production

Beef Cattle Sector

A Discussion of the Agriculture Provision of the CARES Act

Impacts on Land Values


Wondering about Army Cutworms in Wheat?

K-State Publication on the life cycle and economic thresholds

YouTube video from Jeanne

Army Cutworm picture




Click on the picture below to read more about kochia.

baby kochia

Palmer amaranth with Multiple Resistance

Manhattan Palmer amaranth population with resistance to auxin herbicides 2,4-D and dicamba (Research by Dallas Peterson)

Barton County Palmer amaranth population with resistance to 2,4-D (Research by Vipan Kumar)


Alternative Crops:

Spring Oats

 in the Small Grain Cereals for Forage K-State publication


Spring Wheat Production Information

 From Alternative Crops presentation in the Cover Your Acres Proceedings Booklet

page 7 of the PDF


Industrial Hemp

Collection of Resources from Research at Universities


Field Peas

Using field peas as a fallow alternative

Pea Performance Test Results

2019 Results coming soon!


Dry Beans

Collection of Resources on Dry Beans, including resources from Colorado State University and University of Nebraska


Get your electronic 2020 K-State Chemical Weed Control Guide

Books are now available in Extension Office


A crop disease recap for 2019

Read it here.


Read the latest discussion about the winter weather outlook

from the Climate Protection Center here!


With the wind comes the chance for erosion. Be prepared!

Read more about emergency wind erosion control here!


Do you know about Kansas Ag Mediation Services (KAMS)?

Click here to read about all of the different services you can take advantage of!


Harvesting Lodged Corn

Jeanne's article on strategies for harvesting the lodged corn in our area

Tips for Harvesting Lodged Corn from Ohio State University Extension

Harvesting Lodged Corn from Iowa State Univeristy


Wondering How Freeze Damage Might Affect the Corn and Sorghum?

Click here to read Fall Freeze Damage in Summer Grain Crops!


2019 Wheat Variety Disease and Insect Ratings


Your Guide to the 2018 Farm Bill Meeting

Click here for the slides from Jeanne's presentation, NWKS ARC vs PLC.

Proceedings from the 2018 Farm Bill Meeting

2018 Farm Bill Presentation (Sherman County Only)


Kansas Land Values 2018

Click here to read the booklet.


Did you get hail with the storms?

Check out these hail publications discussing potential yield loss


Wheat Plot Results are in!

Click here to see how they did.


Tissue Sampling

Click here to read more about it!


Western Bean Cutworm is a pest in corn that we need to keep an eye on!

Listen to Jeanne's radio report on Western Bean Cutworm

Handy Bt Trait Table

Western Bean Cutworm Central (General information)

Latest Western Bean Cutworm Information


Wheat Stubble Height on Subsequent Corn and

Grain Sorghum Crops research report from Tribune


Video: Wondering about the effects of rain on wheat test weight?

- and - Learn about protein content in wheat!


hail damage

Are you wondering about the stage of growth for your corn?

Click on the chart for a printable version!


 corn chart


 Wondering about your local land values?

Check out these resources!


County-Level Land Value Publication


Keep up to date with the latest news on Leaf and Stripe Rust in Wheat

Click here for the updates!


How much fertilizer can safely be placed with seed?

Click here to read more about it!


Need some information on how a freeze might still impact your wheat?

Click here to read more!

spring freeze injury


Learn about nitrogen rates for wheat on page 4 of this publication.


Soil Temperatures at 2" Charts


Spring Fieldwork Troubles on the Horizon


 Palmer amaranth resistance to 2,4-D and dicamba confirmed in Kansas

Click here to read about it!




Field Research on Preemergence Treatments for Kochia Control 



K-State Sulfur Publication: Sulfur in Kansas - Plant, Soil and Fertilizer Considerations


Alternative Cropping Systems Limited Irrigation Research Report

Researching rotations: Continuous corn, continuous sorghum, corn-sorghum, corn-wheat with 10 inches/year at K-State Research Station in Tribune, KS



For presentations from winter meetings, click here!


Do you need dicamba training?

K-State is not offering training this winter, but you can get training here:

BASF Training Opportunities

Monsanto Training Opportunities


Industrial Hemp Resources

List of resources for industrial hemp production and licensing


The Handy BT Trait Table

Which BT Traits Do You Need to Buy?


Stalk Rots of Corn and Sorghum

Click here to read more!


Kochia accessions with cross-resistance to dicamba and

fluroxypyr identified in western Kansas

Click here to read the article!


Fall Freeze Damage in Summer Grain Crops

Click here for the article!


Harvesting Grain from Freeze-damaged Sorghum

Click here to read more!


Corn Grain Dry Down in Field From Maturity to Harvest

Click here to read the article.


Grain Sorghum and Early Freeze

Click here to read more!


Could nematodes be in your field?

Click here for more information!


Need more info on redrilling wheat?

Click here


Coleoptile Length Chart

Check out the updated version here.


Wheat Streak Mosaic

Click here to read more information!


Starter Fertilizers for Wheat

Click here to read more about them!


Wheat Streak Mosaic can be economically devastating.

Click here to read more about it.


Nitrate Toxicity

Click here for more information!


Hail....did you get some?

Check out the Hail Damage resource page!


Are weeds taking over your wheat stubble?

Click here to read about the importance of weed control post-harvest!


Wheat plot results are in!

Click here to see them all!


It's time to start scouting for Western Bean Cutworms in corn!

Click here for more information!


Goss's Bacterial Wilt and Leaf Blight of Corn

Click here to read about it!


Did you get hail?

Click here to evaluate hail damage to corn!


Here's a quick reference for estimating your wheat yields!

Click here to read more information.


Alternative Cropping Systems with Limited Irrigation

Click here for more information!


Click on the picture to read the article!

occassional tillage

Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services is here to assist you with your agricultural questions.

We have been providing Kansas producers with legal, financial and mediation services for over 25 years.

Click on the picture for more information.



What you need to know about kochia control!

Click the graph for more information!


Do you have questions about wheat coleoptile lengths?

Click here for more information!


Are you seeing this in your fields?

Click on the picture for more information!



Tissue sampling your corn?

Guidelines for tissue testing and chart with 'normal' levels

Check out the video with information on sampling corn


K-State Mesonet for calculating growing degree days for your area



Tillage Intensity Study in Long-Term Wheat-Sorghum-Fallow Rotations


Does it pay to test your soil?
soil test chart