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Sunflower District

Dog Project Video

"How To"    Videos for Dog Project Members.

We would like to have members make videos for new members or advancing members to learn from.  Make you videos short and only cover one goal in each. 

We have put together a list of ideas.   Record your video and upload to the link below.  Your leader will approve it as is or let you know of a change needed.  It will then be published below and anyone can view it to learn from.  If you make a video, it is a great record book item, but most of all you are helping a new member get started or move forward in training. You can choose one or more or think of your own idea.  Good Luck and Stay healthy hanging out with you dog during this time.


We have started a youtube. channel for 4-H Project Videos in our sunflower district.  When you complete your video:

a:  Text or email your video to your leaders or for now 785-899-8095

b: if its large you may have to upload in form below, the extension office will give you a password to upload your .mov file here. 

It will be reveiwed by your leaders and then posted on this website or they will be in contact with you.


KSU video training



Lesson 1  - Training collar:  what it is and how to correctly put it on - by Gabrielle Hammer Wallace County

Lesson - 4' Practice leash vs. 6' show leash length and hand position

Lesson -Heel Pattern by Manten and Jarek Crow

Lesson - Which side of dog and which legs to use by Mason Berls.

Lesson - The three parts to any command "Name,Command,and Execute"

Lesson - Sit command training

Lesson -Long Sit by Crow Family

               Sit and Stay commandby Mathew Berls

               Project Video - How my dog "Sit and Stay" by Kaisley Wassemiller

Lesson - Return to dog after Sit Stay

Lesson - Heal command and proper leash position

Lesson - About Turn and Right and Left turn by Jarek Crow

Lesson - Down command training

Lesson - Down and Stay command

Lesson - Return to dog after Down and Stay

Lesson - Come command or Recall Part One

Lesson - Finish/Place command or Recall Part Two training

Lesson - Teaching Down on Recall command

Lesson - Teaching Broad Jump for Open A


Lesson - Difference between Showmanship leash and Obedience leash  by Brooklyn Kannady Sherman County

Lesson - Difference between Obedience and Showmanship placement of dog

Lesson - Showmanship Leash and proper position

Lesson - Triangle Pattern

Lesson - L Pattern


Member Project Videos:

My dog Sit and Stay - First year member Kaisley Wassemiller

Teeth Brushing and Grooming - by second year member Brooklyn Kannady