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Horse Project Videos

"How To"    Videos for Horse Project Members.

We would like to have current members make videos for new members or advancing members to learn from.  Make you videos short and only cover one goal in each. 

We have put together a list of ideas.   Record your video and upload to the link below.  Your leader will approve it as is or let you know of a change needed.  It will then be published below and anyone can view it to learn from.  If you make a video, it is a great record book item, but most of all you are helping a new member get started or move forward in training. You can choose one or more or think of your own idea.  Good Luck and Stay healthy hanging out with your horses during this time.


Lesson:  How to bath your horse

Lesson:  How to clean hooves

Lesson:  Taking care of Mane

Lesson:  Fly Control options

Lesson:  Health - Shots, Worming, etc.

Lesson:  How to properly put on leg wraps

Lesson:  How to put on the bridle

Lesson:  How to put on saddle

Lesson:  How to properly mount your saddle

Lesson:  Correct seating in saddle

Lesson:  English riding attire

Lesson:  English riding horse gear

Lesson:  Correct seating in English

Lesson:  Different Gaits in Western Riding

Lesson:  Different Gaits in English Riding