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Sunflower District

Cheyenne County
212 E Washington
PO Box 667
St. Francis, KS  67756-0667
785-332-3199 Fax
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Sherman County
813 Broadway Room 301
Goodland, KS 67735-0002
785-890-4879 Fax
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Wallace County
118 N Gardner   
PO Box 189
Sharon Springs, KS 67758
785-852-4284 Fax
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Sunflower District #6 ~ St. Francis Office

Cheyenne County 4-H
212 E. Washington PO Box 667
St. Francis, KS. 67756-0667
785-332-3199 Fax

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2019 Cheyenne Events


Gingerbread House Contest

gingerbread house contestThe Lawn Ridge 4-H Club would like to challenge all clubs again this year to a gingerbread house contest! The top 3 winners in
each age range will be awarded prizes! We understand that December is busy, but encourage you to try to do these together as a club. We are adding a new age group this year, ages 0- 7, so the little ones can participate next to their siblings. The houses will be judged by the public at the home basketball game on December 17th. Please, bring them to the high school cafeteria by 5:30 PM on December 17th. You will see a Lawn Ridge 4-H Club member at the display table. Take your houses to them. If can't drop them off email Kattie at ktaldaco@gamil.com to make arrangement about dropping the houses off at Kattie's classroom.
Age groups follow 4-H age: Categories- Pre 4-H, Junior, Intermediate and Senior.
Size and materials do not matter. Please make sure you have age and name clearly visible on the bottom of the board. Encourage your children do build and decorate their our house as much as they can. This is about building their creativity and skills. Good luck! We are excited to see what you all come up with!



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