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Sunflower District

Cheyenne County
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Sherman County
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Project Videos

In finding a new normal we would like to encourage project leaders and members to participate in virtual online project learning.  This is a great opportunity, as we all adjust to more online technology during social distancing, to help younger beginners get started on projects or members to move forward in their skills.  It also is a great way to fulfill some of your requirements on your KAP's or scholarships.

If you have done a county days demonstration or project talk that will teach us a new skill, then record it and submit it for publication.

Leaders:  if you have some members or lessons that can be taught thru video, you may submit a list of ideas for youth to show or you may submit a video yourself. 

Each Video should be short and limited to a single goal.  A sample list is on dog and horse projects.  Click the links below.

We are just getting started, so have fun recording! It's ok if there are more than one with same subject.  Click on your project below for topic ideas OR create you own idea.


All Videos are linked to the project page now and we hope all projects will be covered.


Cooking Videos

Creative Table Videos

Club Day Videos

Dog Project Training

Horse Project Training

Wildlife and Fishing


We have started a youtube. channel for 4-H Project Videos in our sunflower district.  When you complete your video:

a:  Text your email to your leaders, extension office or 785-899-8095.

b: if its large you may have to upload in form below, the extension office will give you a password to upload your .mov file here. 

It will be reveiwed by your leaders and then posted on this website or they will be in contact with you.